Cecilia Chen and Heather Davis: Playing Cards

The following card deck was created as a response to the infrastructures that intersect with, produce, and support the city of Montreal. The cards were made during an afternoon workshop as part of the show “Promiscuous Infrastructures: Phase 2” curated by Artivistic at Skol Gallery on Saturday, March 10, 2012.

Each suit corresponds to a particular typology (past events, future potentials, transformations, and materiality) and each value to a relative direction or location (everywhere, underfoot, overhead, in front, behind, to the right, to the left, beside, around the corner, in hand, on your back, in your head, in front of your nose). Participants were invited to design a card based on their interpretations of these suits and orientations. Some of the cards went missing during the workshop, so we propose their absence be understood as an invitation for further participation.

The deck invites a ludic re-shuffling of infrastructures – physical, cultural or social – and can be used for any card game, new or old, to gather with friends, or for solitaire.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the generous support of Skol Gallery, especially Anne Bertrand, and Artivistic members Faiz Abhuani, Sophie Le Phat-Ho, and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. These cards were designed through the talent and vibrant spirit of engagement of Nathalie Casemajor Loustau, Michel de Broin, Sylvia Ly, Jeffrey Mackie, Emily Rose Michaud, Fabien Rose, Robin Simpson, Jacob Wren, Artivistic, and numerous anonymous others. This project was inspired by the Delta Primer project of landscape architect Jane Wolff.

Cecilia Chen and Heather Davis (February 2013)

Ensemble contre la charte xénophobe

Demonstration and March
Sunday, October 20, 2013, at 1pm
Gathering Point: Bethune Square (métro Guy-Concordia) (Boulevard de Maisonneuve West at rue Guy)

Organized by the Ensemble contre les chartes xénophobes Coalition.

More info:

Our Basis of Unity:

We are opposed to the proposed Quebec Charter of Values.

From the outset, the proposed Charter and related debate fails to recognize that Quebec and Canada are built on stolen Indigenous land, and constituted through the dispossession and genocide of Indigenous peoples. We assert our solidarity and support with Indigenous struggles for self-determination and cultural integrity.

We are for legal equality between all genders but we also assert our support for struggles against patriarchy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism and all forms of oppression.

Why Are People Different?


In time for the 2013 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, POC members of Artivistic collaborated with other rad & creative POCs to produce the limited edition zine REPRESENT: Fuck White Supremacy. It also came with a CD mixtape. Among other friends' tables, it was available at the APOC (Anarchist People of Colour) one, alongside awesome zines such as Writing About Race.

Artistic practices & anarchist principles II


Friday May 17, 2013, 5-8 PM
Notre-Dame-des-Quilles (NDQ) Bar
32 Beaubien East (corner St-Laurent)

As part of the Festival of Anarchy 2013, Artivistic would like to weigh in and convene artists that identify in one way or another as anarchists or that are interested in anarchism (and/or who practice collective autonomy, anti-oppression, mutual aid, etc.) to an informal meeting of sorts in order to reinforce our creative networks.

Oh, and just to better be prepared, please RSVP if you can: info(at)artivistic(dot)org

Solidarity against police repression in Montreal

We will not submit to municipal by-law P-6

With this public declaration, we assert our opposition to by-law P-6: we will continue to demonstrate without negotiating our demo routes with police, and we will systematically challenge all tickets that arise from this by-law.

The past year has been marked by an escalation of police repression against political protesters in Montreal. As our political movements take to the streets in larger numbers, with more frequency and militancy, we are attacked more brutally and arbitrarily than ever, with batons, pepper spray, tear gas, sound grenades, and rubber bullets. Our friends are mass arrested, humiliated, kettled, and in many cases badly injured.

Solidarity City Declaration

solidarity cityFor thousands of undocumented immigrants across the country, cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are sweatshops. Immigrants and refugees work the most precarious and dangerous jobs. The Canadian economy cannot survive without this super-exploited work force, made particularly vulnerable by their lack of permanent status and the threat of deportation.

In order for their labour to provide this windfall for Canadian capital, non-status migrants are forcibly kept in a state of heightened vulnerability, deprived of access to essential services and basic social and economic rights. This apartheid system is maintained both through laws and regulations and through fear of discovery and deportation.

Everybody should have access to healthcare, education, social housing, food banks, unemployment benefits and any other social welfare regardless of immigration status. Labour norms and human rights should apply equally to all.

At a time when money and corporations can cross borders more easily than ever, these very borders are taking on an ever more deadly character for billions of people around the world. Solidarity City is the name given to the vision that resists this reality, that aims to transform our communities from sites of racist exploitation to places of mutual aid and support.

Masses & Media 2013

The Artivistic collective will be selling copies of FUSE magazine issues 36-1 (Promiscuous Infrastructures ou la lutte pour l'invention de possibles) and 36-2 (Palestine-Palestine), both guest-edited or co-guest-edited by Artivistic members, at a special rate of $5.00, at the following event:

Wednesday, March 13, 8:30pm
Société des arts technologiques
1201 Saint-Laurent Bld.
FB event 

A festive and performance-filled evening bringing together a wide array of actors in autonomous, community and activist media in Quebec, around the theme of "Culture Jamming." Throughout the evening, media interventions exemplifying the idea of culture jamming will be presented on stage, as well as through screenings, exhibitions, creation and music.

Le Merle launch

Le MerleBook launch
Le Merle Vol. 1 / No. 2
Librairie Formats
— located at 2 Sainte-Catherine East,
Friday January 25th 2013, 5pm - 8pm.

Please join us for the launch of:
Le Merle, Books of words and deeds. Autumn 2012 Vol. 1 / No. 2

Le Merle is a semi-annual publication that works at the intersection of art and political engagement, offering a mode of exchange and consistency for radical thought in Montréal and beyond.

This edition of Le Merle has been edited by Heather Davis. It includes the following contributions: Re : Proposal by Artivistic, On Indirect Action: Twitter, Protest and Presence by Kristy Robertson, Spokes Bent, rim cracked, 22 May 2012, Montréal by Cecillia Chen, For the Blackbird par RERC (Radical Education Collective), Beyond Any Measure: Surface and limit in Aernout Mik's Osmosis and Excess by Christoph Brunner and an extract of Decision Points by Michael Nardone.

We invite you to come and celebrate, in the fashion of the shotgun wedding, this fabulous and talented group of writers, thinkers, makers.

FUSE issue 36-1 guest edited by Artivistic

FUSE image

FUSE issue 36-1 Launch
14 December 2012, 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (authors' panel around 6:30 PM)
Centre des arts actuels Skol

372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, espace 314
w/ musical selections by Boncha Immigrantz
FB event here

The Artivistic collective, FUSE Magazine and Centre des arts actuels Skol, invite you to the launch of FUSE issue 36-1, "Promiscuous Infrastructures ou la lutte pour l’invention de possibles." This first bilingual issue, guest edited by Artivistic, emerges out of the collective's engagement with the Québécois student strike and social uprising of the past spring and summer, in relation to its ongoing project on “promiscuous infrastructures.” Rather than synthesize what happened or tell people what they already know, we approached the issue as an occasion to be self-reflexive and critical and to continue the struggle, investigating the (aesthetic) form of the strike, the capitalist history of universities, and contextualising the local anti-austerity struggle with those of allies abroad, and across time.

Infrastructures: Interview with Daniel Tucker

In August 2011, Artivistic interviewed Chicago-based friend and ally Daniel Tucker on the topic of infrastructures. This interview was useful in the conceptualization of Promiscuous Infrastructures (Phase 2) during the Fall 2011 & Winter 2012.

There is an intentionality behind setting up an infrastructure that exceeds merely making a project. The intention is to make something which exceeds the limits of your own needs, capacities and desires and fulfills some perceived or known need. As society rapidly changes the needs people and communities have will change as well and it is quite possible that the institutions and infrastructures of previous eras will either need to be retooled or scrapped all together for something new and more appropriate. Typically people look to business and government to provide the necessary infrastructures in which daily life can operate and thrive. It is up to people critically engaged in culture to perceive those needs and changes too.

Read the full interview on Daniel Tucker's blog.

Open Letter to the Students


For months now, you have not ceased to show courage, solidarity, resilience, combativeness and creativity through educational and political actions, opposing unjust tuition hikes imposed by the government with the largest and longest student strike in the history of Quebec. You are doing it not only in resistance to the tuition increase, but to clearly oppose the logic of neoliberalism and austerity which has infiltrated all spheres of society.


past events

Promiscuous Infrastructures (Phase 2): Finissage + The Awesomest Foundation + Boncha Immigrantz
14 April 2012 @ 6pm

The Montreal Sandbox
7 April 2012 @ 12pm

Think We Must / Con-Vocation
31 March - 1 April 2012 @ 12pm

Art, activism and movements for social change in Montréal
29 March 2012 @ 6pm

Typographic Poster Workshop
17 March 2012 @ 12pm

Skollège: Vive la crise!
13 March 2012 @ 7pm

How do we negotiate the promiscuity of infrastructures in Montréal?
10 March 2012 @ 12pm

Promiscuous Infrastructures (Phase 2)
9 March - 14 April 2012
Skol (372 Ste-Catherine W., suite 314)
"Drop-in hours" by Artivistic for y/our pleasure every Saturday 12-5pm

Promiscuous Infrastructures (Phase 2): Opening!
9 March 2012 @ 5.30pm

DiO (Do-it-Ourselves): OpenSpace on alternative financing
6 August 2011 (all day)
+ FUSE magazine launch party

knowledgeshare #2 : Infrastructure Design with Kenneth Bailey (DS4SI)
9 July 2011 @ 7.30pm

knowledgeshare #1 : The Promiscuous Infrastructures of Protest Camps
29 June 2011 @ 6pm

live stream from Paris : Monetary Utopia Seminar
17 June 2011 @ 1pm

(auto)formation sur des méthodes de coconstruction de savoirs
11 June 2011 @ 10am