Promiscuous Infrastructures (Phase 2): Last Week!

Saturday 14 April, 18h-

The Awesomest Foundation: revealing of the "winning proposal"
+ Boncha Immigrantz feat. Bass in Public Places
+ Prints for sale + Photo shoot
@ Skol (372 Ste-Catherine W., suite 314)

Our stance is not so much "what is to be done?" but "something is already being done." And we not so much want to show it (off) but to actually come to value it better, to become more confident collectively. We believe that the fundamental predicament of our times is fear. It makes us defensive, it insidiously brings about isolation. In 1969, it was right after the initiation of the first Black Panther's Free Breakfast for School Children Program that J. Edgar Hoover (FBI director) stated that the Panthers posed "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country." This exemplifies the power of alternative infrastructures and brings us back to today's (global) criminalisation of dissent. As we know, valuing is not an individual act, it is a collective one. We see this project as a kind of "work interruption": to interrupt the current flow of things, of business-as-usual (not for an anonymous "system" but for ourselves, as artists, activists, academics); to perhaps go back to some of our footnotes (left behind because we were too busy going forward); to take the time to think and to nourish each other, to be present, in order to live differently. By making stuff together, we can get to know each other better, to value our ideas better, to build affinity.

// There is still time to submit your project proposal to the Awesomest Foundation that will grant 500 bones through a draw. You can do this on the spot.

// Don't forget to bring back any zines that you might have borrowed to the production library if you haven't done so already.

// At all times, you may make your own zine, comment the propositions in the gallery, spend some time there with friends and allies and leave your trace...

Shout-outs to all the people who animated, through labour, contributions and workshops, this second phase of the Promiscuous Infrastructures project, as part of Artivistic's transition into more sustainable ways of being perpetually creative in a hostile political and economic context. We hope that this collective space will contribute to current struggles in multiple ways, both visible and subterranean. See you soon!

The Artivistic "3A cell" (aka Boncha Immigrantz) would like to send warm shout-outs to: Sydney Hart, Nasrin Himada, Sarita Ahooja, Anne Bertrand, Thien V. Qn., Kim Tsui, Amy Novak, Alessandra Renzi, Roberta Buiani, Heather Davis, Cecilia Chen, Gina Badger, Laura Sirois, Julie Chateauvert, Sofian Benaissa, Marie-Pierre Boucher, Hermine Ortega, Emmanuelle Sirois, Martine Delvaux, Annie Abrahams, tobias c. van Veen, olo J. Milkman, Anita Naidu, ecoarttech, John Kerkhoven, François Deck, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Rebecca Duclos, Robin Elliott, Maxime Bisson, Nicole Burisch, all the people who participated in the group cartography project all the other Artivistic homies and subjectivites in outerspace. Special thanks to Restaurant Mai Xiang Yuan for providing dumplings, Santropol for the coffee, and Nota Bene for the stationary.


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