Open Letter to the Students


For months now, you have not ceased to show courage, solidarity, resilience, combativeness and creativity through educational and political actions, opposing unjust tuition hikes imposed by the government with the largest and longest student strike in the history of Quebec. You are doing it not only in resistance to the tuition increase, but to clearly oppose the logic of neoliberalism and austerity which has infiltrated all spheres of society.

As collectives of artists and activists engaged in social movements for many years, we are truly moved by the magnitude of the popular mobilization that your cause has inspired. We see it as being part of a worldwide movement of resistance against a political and financial elite that has far too much power in their hands. We are 100% behind your struggle.

As collectives composed in great part of people of colour, we are familiar with the repression that follows the exertion of a real, non-hierarchical and direct democracy. We condemn the contemptuous and paternalistic attitude of the government and of university and cegep administrations who are hiding behind their judges, their police, private security guards, mainstream media and a minority of scabs. Like you, we know that it is their censorship, their intimidation, their sexist, classist and racist violence that incite more anger. You have the right to self-defense. Like you, we are not fooled by their tricks and dishonesty.

As collectives of artists and activists, we have been trying to come up with ways of standing behind your struggle by gathering the support of artists and cultural workers; by making links between different struggles, since that is one of the main reasons behind the existence of our groups.

In that context, we are inviting artists and cultural workers to join the hundreds of others who have endorsed a declaration of solidarity with the student struggle by visiting:

Your cause is a just one. Don’t listen to anyone other than yourselves and the people that you trust. Do what you need to. You have already changed your life and your relations with others. Your struggle is still in your hands. Continue to share it.
(inspired from an excerpt of “From Athens workers to the students,” December 2008)

Artivistic collective
Howl! Arts Collective
Cinema Politica


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