FUSE issue 36-1 guest edited by Artivistic

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FUSE issue 36-1 Launch
14 December 2012, 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (authors' panel around 6:30 PM)
Centre des arts actuels Skol

372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, espace 314
w/ musical selections by Boncha Immigrantz
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The Artivistic collective, FUSE Magazine and Centre des arts actuels Skol, invite you to the launch of FUSE issue 36-1, "Promiscuous Infrastructures ou la lutte pour l’invention de possibles." This first bilingual issue, guest edited by Artivistic, emerges out of the collective's engagement with the Québécois student strike and social uprising of the past spring and summer, in relation to its ongoing project on “promiscuous infrastructures.” Rather than synthesize what happened or tell people what they already know, we approached the issue as an occasion to be self-reflexive and critical and to continue the struggle, investigating the (aesthetic) form of the strike, the capitalist history of universities, and contextualising the local anti-austerity struggle with those of allies abroad, and across time.

Join us in celebrating the launch of this special issue alongside local contributors, friends and allies of the Artivistic collective. A limited number of copies of the issue will be available for free at the event, with special offers on subscriptions to FUSE as well as Skol membership.

Snacks and beverages will be served, with musical selections for the evening provided by Boncha Immigrantz!

FUSE issue 36-1 Contents
"Re-enchanting the Institution" by Anne Bertrand
"Translating the printemps érable" par Anna Sheftel et Patricia Boushel
"Quelques gestes", photographies par Thien V.
"In the Street for Social Strike" by Cindy Milstein
"Anna Adamolo e l'onda anomala" par Anna Adamolo (traduit par Eleonora Diamanti)
"It's Only Going to Get Worse: A report from London" by Grace Kyne-Lilley
"Autant en emporte le vent : Météorologie d'une GGI" par Philippe Enver
"Whose University?" by Mark Paschal
"The School of Thought for Subjective Learning and Contextual Practice Seeks..." by Faiz Abhuani
"Atelier Populaire", entrevue par Kevin Yuen Kit Lo
Critiques de / Reviews of: "Insurgence" par Ronald Rose-Antoinette, "Bill 78" by Jonah Campbell, "Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship" by Amber Landgraff, "Porn O’Rama / CTV on TSV" by Andrew James Paterson

FUSE Magazine is a Toronto-based arts and culture quarterly that publishes at the intersection of contemporary art and social justice. With a 35-year publishing record, FUSE plays a pinnacle role in providing reporting, documentation and critical thinking on socially and politically engaged arts practices.

Project Description
This fall, Artivistic’s collaboration with Skol continues as they guest-edit the upcoming issue of FUSE Magazine. To produce the special issue, FUSE editor Gina Badger workd on site at Skol for the month of October 2012 with members of Artivistic. This bilingual issue will extend Artivistic’s animation of Promiscuous Infrastructures to engage with the current social uprising in Québec against neoliberal austerity politics and debt. In this issue, both material culture and analysis of the movement will be interwoven, and Artivistic will aim to give value to the aesthetics of the strike rather than presuppose that only artists and overt artistic actions within the strike merit our aesthetic attention.

What are Promiscuous Infrastructures?
PI are a strategy of resistance in a hostile political and economic environment that threatens creativity. PI are about community building across practices, disciplines, categories and identities. PI are affectionate, trustworthy, anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian, experimental and fun.

To celebrate this collaboration, FUSE and Skol are offering you some very special deals:
** $20 annual subscription to FUSE (4 issues) – 15% savings!
** $35 annual subscription to FUSE (4 issues) + Skol membership – 20% savings!
Visit the FUSE website for more details.


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